est. 2019

We established Green degree in 2019 to help raise funds and awareness of the huge need for funding literacy and educational programs in South Africa. Having been a volunteer at Shine, it became very apparent how much of an impact these projects have on the lives of the children they help.

We saw an amazing opportunity to marry our creativity, support local and raise funds and goodwill. We both have working experience in manufacturing and marketing in the local fashion and homeware industries. Being passionate about sustainability, we rose to the challenge of curating a collection of sustainable, desirable products from local artisans and Training, Upliftment, and Empowerment Co-operatives. We also collect and upcycle denim and other fabrics, saving them from landfills, utilizing these fabrics that have cost the earth dearly, and creating unique pieces that are useful.

We are unable to achieve our goals without the participation of our families, friends and community. We encourage everyone to get involved and to contribute in any way you can, from donations, purchasing a product or collaborating with us on a project.

If you are not on our mailing list, go to contact, and sign up, and be the first to know about fundraisers, unique one-off items to buy, and see what projects we are busy with.

Cheryl & Anne


We believe that every child has the right to a good education.

Green degree raises funds for under-resourced primary schools and proven literacy and educational initiatives. We form good, long-term relationships with our beneficiaries enabling us to best meet their needs. We offer long-term support, and work collaboratively to assess how funds are put to best use.

We are passionate about sustainability, and do not believe business need harm the earth. In all of our fundraising initiatives, we support and assist local artisans and projects that create desirable and sustainable products with minimum carbon footprint and zero waste. We advocate for local organic materials, natural fibres, up-cycling, sustainable production and ethical labour practices.

In the promotion and sale of these products we encourage conscious consumerism and create awareness of the environmental crisis. All the funds raised go to our beneficiaries.